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A Design House

for artisans & creatives


From Carla . . .  our story

There is a quote on our business card...

"In this day and age it is rare to find any fine art in precious metals and gemstones. This is a rare exception."
-Lloyd Herman, Director of Fine Arts Smithsonian Institution

This quote is on my late husband's "memorial stone" in my back yard, where I have created a Japanese, Machu Picchu garden in his memory.

One of my favorite places is Paris

The love we had for travel took us to many places. Paris would inspire me in almost every aspect of my inner being. During one of the visits to this most beloved city, I was inspired by a jewelry designer named JAR, Joel Arthur Rosenthal, his ability to masterfully create exquisite brooches. They were mesmerizing marvels using rare, unusual metals and materials. I wanted to bring visions of fantasy, dreamlike pieces to our gallery using some untraditional materials, unique stones and color!

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Rocky had already created a world of imagination, beauty and craftsmanship that won many awards, bringing in the inspiration of JAR was a natural stepping stone for our gallery. Rocky's protege for over 20 years, is our designer, J David (aka Jeff Spencer). A Master Jeweler, and an in-house metal smith, Jeff has a natural born talent. His designs are excellent craftsmanship. The quality of his finished pieces are the foundation that set the standards for our numerous awards, and the expectations our clients have come to know with Rock Hard Designs.






A design house, not just for jewelry

On our 2nd journey to Paris, I was able to spend an afternoon in the La Ruche, "The Beehive." This artist community dating back to the 20th century exhibiting works of Marc Chagall, Guillaume, Amedeo Modigliani and many others. These artists lived and exhibited their master pieces in this wonderful park like setting.


Being able to meander through and still feel the essence of these masters and see this community thriving was so inspirational! Housing painters, sculptors and jewelers in one setting, I wanted this for Rock Hard Designs, I want to be a design house not just for jewelry, I want painters, sculptors, couture fashion and more. I have this vison of having the most talented individuals, craftsmanship that is truly exceptional, a place where the artists create master pieces that will tell a story to be passed down through generations. "Meaningful" designs, where our clients can share their story of the piece they acquired from our very own "Bee Hive. " The vision, my dream for Rock Hard Design House, is to honor my late husband's legacy and also create many others for the designers under our roof.

Creating an artistic community like the "Bee Hive," working with the best of the best, you strive to find artists that also share a vision, the passion and the creativity to bring more stories and give our clients, another realm of unexpected expectations!

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